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Sat, 8 February 2014, 19.00h resp. 20.00h


Culture for Sale – a Post-colonial Völkerschau
Taualuga – The last dance.
Two live performances of Japanese-Samoan artist Shigeyuki Kihara

The performance night „Tapa in Performance” adds performative elements to the special exhibition and contrasts the 19th century ‘Western gaze’ at the inhabitants of the “South Sea” with current contemporary perspectives. For the first time, the internationally renowned Japanese-Samoan artist Shigeyuki Kihara presents her works “Culture for Sale – a Post-colonial Völkerschau” and “Taualuga – The last dance” in a combined programme.  

During the first half of the evening, five Pacific dancers perform “Culture for Sale” in the current special exhibition. The performance explores vividly how colonial ways of performing and perceiving are still alive. "Culture for Sale" is done in cooperation with GAFA Arts Collective

The solo performance “Taualuga – The last dance” brilliantly carries Kihara’s photographic work on image production in colonial studio photography (as it can also be seen in the exhibition) over to the medium of video and artistic dance.

A subtle search for individuality, freedom of movement and self-determination and an important artistic voice representing the re-formation of postcolonial Pacific identity. In an artist talk after the solo performance Kihara will provide an insight into her work.

Culture for Sale 6 € | Taualuga, incl. artist talk 12 €, reduced 8 € | combined ticket 17 €, reduced 12 €

Registration under 0221-221 31356 or via rjm@stadt-koeln.de.



Copyright: Sven Fischer, 2014.

Fri, 21 February 2014, 19.30h

Presentation and awards ceremony of the design competition: 
“Tapa as a natural material for fashion and product design”

For an entire semester, students of the ecosign/academy for design have worked with tapa as a raw material for product and fashion. The results – fashion and products made from original tapa – will be presented in the “Fiji House” and will then become part of the exhibition. From the 22nd onwards, all visitors are invited to rate their favourite designs. In April, towards the end of the exhibition, the audience award will be presented to the winners. 
Admission free