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Thu, 10 April 2014, 18.30-19.30h

Insider tour: Made in Oceania: Tapa – Art and Social Landscapes in Polynesia
Curator Peter Mesenhöller guides exclusively and with first hand information through the Polynesian part of the exhibition. By invitation of the Museum society RJM e.V. Registration under 0221-22131356 or via info@rjmkoeln.de
Tickets 12 €, 5 € for members of the Museum Society RJM e.V. (incl. Exhibition ticket)


Photo: Yvonne Carillo-Huffman

Sun, 27. April 2014, 15h

Talk: Erromango Nemas – Indigenous knowledge, engagement and the role of museums in cultural reactivation
Chief Jerry Uminduru Taki (Vanuatu) and Yvonne Carrillo-Huffman (Australia) discuss a community project of the Vanuatu Cultural Centre Erromango and the Australian Museum Sydney. Island representatives visited the collection of the Australian Museum, discussed their perspectives and interpretations with the museum staff and now bring the knowledge about the historical objects back to Erromango to share it.
Tickets: 6 €, reduced 4 €