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Sat, 09 November 2013, 19h – 3h

Museum Night Cologne: South Sea at the RJM
Publisher and author Axel Ernst reads from the colonial travel journal “Samoa – Pearl of the South Seas” (1894) by the elegant yet somewhat arrogant adventurer Otto E. Ehlers. The New Zealand Indie Folk Duo Charity Children enchant their audience with their heart-warming charm. With their rhythms, the Cologne stringband Fasfowod creates a south sea atmosphere.
Ticket sale in advance from 16.50 €, children under 15 years free

More information about the Museum Night Cologne here


Thu, 14 November 2013, 18.30-19.30h

Insider tour: Made in Oceania: Tapa – kastom in Melanesia today?
Curator Oliver Lueb offers an exclusive tour through the Melanesian part of the exhibition and reveals exciting background information. By invitation of the Museum society RJM e.V. Registration under 0221-22131356 or via info@rjmkoeln.de
Tickets 12 €, 5 € for members of the Museum Society RJM e.V. (incl. Exhibition ticket)

Thu, 14 November 2013, 20h

Meet the artist - Rosanna Raymond
Born in New Zealand, the world famous artist always refers to her Samoan roots in her performances, poems, installations and fashion designs. Together with other artists she played an important role in the formation of an independent Pacific identity in art and fashion. One result is the jeans combination with tapa that is presented in “Made in Oceania” and that will also be the focus of the artist talk.

Sat, 16 November 2013

18h, 20h, 22h, and late night special at midnight

Long film night at the RJM: Cinema Oceania

Four very different movies on and from Oceania in original versions with English subtitles. The ethno-documentary “Stori Tumbuna: Ancestor’s Tales” allows for insights into the life, culture and mythologies of the Lak, a people living in the rain forests of Papua New Guinea. In the feature film “The Land Has Eyes”, young Fijian Viki fights for justice and freedom. The underdog story “O Le Tulafale – The Orator” deals with the short statured Saili and the traditionally highly estimated orator art in Samoa. As a special treat the New Zealand horror B-movie “Black Sheep” follows at midnight: Peaceful sheep mutate to woolly balls thirsting for blood.Tickets: 6 €, reduced 4 € per film
Film Night Special: 12 €, reduced 8 €